Talstar Academy Chapter One

Chapter One- Invitation and Bribes.

Authors Note- This is a Wattpad book I’m writing.. I’m putting it here because.. Why not?


Dear Niria Vinceon,

Talstar Academy is happy to inform you that you have been selected as one of the few individuals chosen for a full-ride scholarship. All fees will be paid by the academy and you will be allowed a first class dorm room.

The reason for this abrupt invitation was due to us having received your outstanding recommendation letter from none other then the Headmaster of Talstar Academy.

We do sincerely hope that you accept our generous offer. The embroidered envelope that was sent along with this letter contains the plane tickets and additional information regarding our humble establishment. Feel free to call the number listed inside the envelope for any questions you may have.

-James G. Henfford
Secretary of Talstar Academy


“………” (Niria)

Nope. Nooo way. Don’t wanna…

With that I threw away the envelope and the letter to the side of my bed and continued reading a novel on my phone.

As I continued to read I hear my door creak open, and in came my mother, looking as young and healthy as ever. How does she do that? She looks as old as I am… Her names Rayne by the way.. Rayne Vinceon.

As she rushed into my room heading for the envelope, she walks by and takes a quick glance at me and frowns. Then she tore open the envelope and rummaged though it.

I half watched and half read(a book) while she did this. I knew I had a expressionless face on partly because I don’t have any other expression.

Why? I don’t actually know, it just stays that way no matter what I do.. I mean I could try… But I’ll just end up making a stupid face.

For instance…



(AN-This is not mine.. Using it for visual-ish purposes.)

Yeah… Anyways…

Going back to reading my book, I read through a few lines before my phone gets snatched away.

I stare up at my mother as she shoves my phone into her pocket and frowns down on me.


She gives me a pained expression.


My eyes are still locked with her eyes as I nod my head.

“Niria, say something don’t just nod your head!”(Rayne)

“….. Yes?”(Niria)

She sighs.

“Niria, what is wrong with you? How in the world did you end up like this? Don’t act so confused! You know exactly what I’m talking about!”(Rayne)

I gather up all my strength and put it into a ball of energy in my forehead, then with that energy I use it to crease my eyebrows into a knot. I might as well try to look confused.

It must look like I’m in pain because my mother is giving me a worried expression. Stopping what I was doing I quickly revert my face back into a blank canvas filled with nothing but blankness. Very very blank.

My mother gives me another worried look. Eh? But I haven’t done anything… yet.

“Niria, what are you doing?”(Rayne)

“….Nothing” (Niria)

She sighs once again.

“Niria we need to talk.” (Rayne)

I give her look that says Aren’t we already talking?

“No Niria, you’re not talking, so far you have only been either nodding, replying back with one word answers, making strange expressions and using easily understandable looks like the one you just did. I want to talk, face to face, a decent conversation, one involving this envelope.” (Rayne)

“….Go-” (Niria)

She gives me a glare as if challenging me to try and reply using one word again and see what she’ll do..

Since I don’t want to see what she’ll do…. I quickly came up with a longer reply.

“…..What about the envelope?”(Niria)

I say this hesitantly wondering whether she’ll be satisfied with that.

She gave me a small smile and that was good enough for me.

“Niria, why aren’t you interested in going to Talstar Academy? Don’t you think it’ll be better then staying at home being couped up in your room?” (Rayne)

I don’t wanna… It’s too much trouble.

“Niria, everything is too much trouble for you! At least try okay? It doesn’t seem that bad..” (Rayne)

Woah.. Did she just read my mind?
Am I that predictable?

She reached out and took the small information booklet inside the envelope and skimmed though it. Then without any warning she shoved the booklet into my face and pointed towards an image of a large building.

“Look it even has a library! Its huge too, books from all over the world, and look it says right here that they serve delicious food everyday at anytime…” (Rayne)

I suddenly became interested as she continued on. I sat still as she read the booklet. Then something caught my eye, something more eye catching then the library and food combined.

That is…. Boys…

No…Stop there.. Don’t even think about it.

Don’t be fooled, I’m not a boy crazy type of girl, what I’m surprised about is that in every single picture in the booklet there are only boys.

Boy walking around in uniforms, eating food, taking ‘selfies’, playing soccer, kicking cats(🙀), all sorts of ‘fun’ stuff.

I take the booklet away from my surprised mother to get a better look at the pictures.

Yep, they’re everywhere….

I quickly close the book and read the back side and as I expected there was more info in the back including a quote that said:

” Here at Talstar Academy we hope all our students will enjoy their experience at this all-male academy, with as much-”

Oh no.. Well there goes my interest. With that I threw the booklet away once again.

Then realised that I had nothing else to do so I crawled in bed and stared at my star filled ceiling.

“What was that?” (Rayne)

Oh… I forgot.

I quickly pulled myself up and stared at my mother once again.

“I thought you were interested..” (Rayne)

She reached down and grabbed the booklet that I had thrown on the floor.

“What so bad about it anyways?” (Ray)<~~ [shortened]

I grabbed the booklet once again, and after apologising to my mother for stealing it, I turned to the backside and pointed towards the quote I read before.

She looked at me strangely and then read the quote. Slowly her eyes widened and she shook her head.

“It’s an all boys school? Why in the world would they send you an invitation to an all boys school?!”(Ray)

I nodded my head.

“…Exactly”(Niri) ‹~~ [Also shortened]

We sat there in silence for about ten minutes until my phone, that was still in my mothers pocket, rang.

My mother looked at me in confusion.

“Who’s calling you?” (Ray)

I shrugged. I wouldn’t know, I mean I haven’t even given my phone number to anyone but mom.

She frowned once again… I’m surprised she hasn’t got any wrinkles yet. (Just you wait mother! One day you’ll look older then me..one day! *cough*)

“Hello? Who is this?” (Ray)

I sat there and watched her exchange.

“No, this isn’t Niria, this is her mother… Yes she is here but may I ask who you are and what you want to discuss with my daughter?” (Ray)

I sat quietly listening in. I was also curious as to who in the world got my number.

My mother suddenly gasped. Okay…now I’m really curious.

“Father in law? Vinz? Oh my.. How have you been? I haven’t heard any news from you in ages! How’s Angie?! That’s great! That’s great.. *sob* ” (Ray)

Suddenly tears sprung out of my mothers eyes, I haven’t seen her this happy before, ever since the day my father suddenly disappeared, she hasn’t been the same, her smiles were only genuine when I was around. I quickly scoot up next her and give her a tight hug.

She gives me a tearful smile, and talks some more into the phone.

“Oh.. *sniff* excuse me, its just that I’m so happy that you called, I never really knew what happened to you after the whole incident, so I didn’t think you’d remember us.. You even have my daughters phone num… ber…” (Ray)

She paused for a moment, like she’s thinking of something that felt out of place.

“Uh, excuse me if this may sound rude but, how did you get my daughter’s phone number?” (Ray)

Ah… I also want to know.

The voice in the other line went silent.

“Vinz?” (Ray)

She sounded worried.

Then the buzzing noise that usually comes when someone is taking over the phone on the other line comes back.

My mother sits up straight and frowns.

“Talstar?” (Ray)

Talstar? What’s that got to do with this?

“You’re the Headmaster?!”(Ray)

Ah… Now that I think about it.. The letter did say something about the Headmaster…

“You got her information from Dean…Yes.. She got her new phone from him, of course he would know her number.” (Ray)

I was surprised when she mentioned dad’s name.

“He gave you her information before he disappeared… He wanted her to go to Talstar Academy? Why? Isn’t it an all boys school?” (Ray)

I listened closely.

“So… Oh no… Are you sure about this Vinz?”

Suddenly I became even more curious.

“I… I understand.. I trust you okay? Yes.. Tell Angie I said Hi.” (Ray)

With that she handed the phone over to me. I looked into her teary eyes, I gave her a small smile, she smiled back and kissed my forehead then left the room to give me some privacy.

I was quiet for a moment then turned my attention to the voice coming from my phone.

“H-hello?” (???)

This fellow sounds nervous…

“…Hello.” (Nir)

“Oh my… What a beautiful voice.. As beautiful as your mothers and as charming as your fathers.” (???)

Okay….. That’s flattering?


I just sat there for a few seconds in silence then quickly answered back.


I could hear a loud chuckle on the other line.. Did I say something funny?

“Oh excuse me, *chuckle* Its just that you respond the *chuckle/snort* same way your father would respond. You know, I could never really understand what he was thinking about.” (???)

“….Oh.” I said.

I could hear another chuckle escape from him. After waiting for him to end his chuckling, I took the booklet and looked at the pictures again.

While I waited, I tried to remember what this mans name was, I only knew that he was dad’s father when he was talking to mom, I lost interest along the way so I didn’t catch his name, but he’s probably my grandfather, and I couldn’t help but think of this guy as an old man,well he was…. Oh what the heck I’ll just call him old man.

“Oh dear, excuse me, now, let’s get down to business. Do you plan on attending Talstar Academy?” (Old man)<~~ [nickname, idk why..]

Woah… Blunt…. I can do that too.

“No.” (Nir)

A moment of silence.

“Is… Is that true? You’re not even thinking about attending it, even just a tiny bit?” (Old man)

“No.” I said without hesitation. If I don’t want to do something then I won’t do it, unless, of course, there’s something in it for me.

“May I ask why?” (Old man)

“I don’t feel like it, besides that’s an all boys school you know..” I take a deep breath, that was a long reply, it could be the longest reply I ever had during this year…. Amazing…. I’ve done something amazing, maybe I should tell mom..

No..that’s too bothersome.

With that I sat back on the bed and laid my head down.

“I know its an all boys school, but I’ll make an exception… If you come to this school, I’ll even permit you to have your own room, it’ll be inside campus of course but no one uses it… Its big enough… And you don’t even have to go to many classes…”(Old man)

I faltered a little but kept my ‘cool’ or whatever and stuck to my own belief.

“Sorry no.” (Nir)

I could hear a frustrated sigh on the other line.

“I heard you like reading..” (Old man)

I immediately pulled myself up off the bed and paid attention.

“Go on..” I said.

“Did you know that in our library, there are thousands of light novels and web novel and any type of novels located here? Even the rare and hard to find novels… There’s also the ones that have been completed versions of novels that were thought to be dropped.. There’s all types of books here.” (Old man)

My heart suddenly skipped a beat.. Amazing… Even the dropped novels…

“And there’s more..” (Old Man)

“Uh huh?” I listened closely hoping to hear more amazing things.

“If you come to Talstar Academy, I’ll give you a Special ID card that will let you actually take food up there, you know how you aren’t permitted to bring food in the library right? Well I’ll actually let you do it.” (Old man)

(AN-I don’t know what I want.)

I was captivated… No I was beyond captivated… But not enough to go.. I was about to decline when I heard the last part of the deal.

“I’ll even add in any sort of transportation device! A small one that can take you around the campus, I heard from your father that you were a lazy one….” (Old man)

I ignored the last part but with that the deal was taken.

“I’m in.” is what I said.

I heard a sigh of relief on the other side.

“Thank goodness! You drive a hard bargain! You seem to have your fathers determination.”(Old man)


This short answer earned another hearty chuckle from the old man.

“Well you better pack your things Niria, your leaving in three days time, see you then.” (Old man)

With that he hung up.


Three Days?!

End of Chapter One.